Our company is the World market leader in Courier Services, Logistics. So we are best placed to meet the rapid growth in demand within the express parcels market.

If you are looking for cost effective, reliable, quick and efficient courier services, then Meta Fly Courier will have your collection and delivery completed exactly how you want it. We know that is what you are looking for when you want to send a parcel and that is what Meta Fly Courier does, a courier service that prides itself on offering all this and more, is all about.

Your delivery is what matters and Meta Fly Courier have a wealth of World’s parcel delivery experience to draw on, meaning when you send a parcel you can rest easy knowing that its in safe hands. The advantage of using Meta Fly Courier over using other standard postal services is that you avoid traffic, queues, parking and high parcel delivery prices.

If you are not sure what service you need then give us a call? Simply tell us how big your parcel is, how much it weighs and where it is going to and we will give you the best prices for a range of delivery services, from the cheapest to the quickest and everything in between.

You can trust us to deliver your parcels and your promises at home and abroad taking the same care that you would yourself. We are equipped with the latest technology and you will discover that good quality can also be good value. We offer a wide range of value for money services delivering across the World and setting the standard for exceptional quality of service. We deliver to every address in the World.

So as a customer you are in control:

We will pick up from your door or you can drop off at your nearest Post Office branch or depot.
We can reach every home and office in the World every working day of the year
Recipients can also pick up from our nearest local Post Office branch or a designated place.

You can TRACK at every stage.

We even deliver on Saturdays

Why choose Meta Fly Courier?

Fast – Sending through Meta Fly Courier means you can utilize the fastest network in the World. Unparalleled.

Reliable – Our network serves thousands of people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Flexible – Freedom, choose when your parcel is picked up, and when it reaches its delivery location.